Bryan Ruffin brings nearly fifteen years of successful education experience to the consulting industry. Having worked in the public, private, and national education sectors at all levels, he brings an innovative flair to the field.

Bryan has served as a peer tutor, teacher, assistant principal, consultant, administrative intern, principal, governor’s page, editor, webmaster, proofreader, state essay scorer and team leader, volunteer, youth leader, teacher of the year, mentor, beginning principal mentor, North Carolina Principal and Assistant Principal Association president, and State Employees Credit Union advisory board member.

Although Bryan has a decorated resume in education, he is also very active in his church where he serves on various committees which he infuses into his educational programming design model. Bryan has successfully designed innovative program design models to successfully raise student achievement in the various organizations in which he has worked. He is skilled in the art of fundraising, grant writing, securing donations, and completing annual reports.

Under his leadership, organizations in which Bryan has worked have been nationally recognized by the U.S. News and World Report and Newsweek Magazine. Bryan currently serves as a high school principal, beginning principal mentor, motivational speaker, and education consultant. He is the 2016 winner of the Bryan Zieger Law Firm Essay Contest $1000 scholarship.

Bryan’s personal goal and company mission is to ensure every customer has an excellent customer service experience.

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© 2017 Bryan A. Ruffin


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