Know Your Worth…

We all get to a point where we see the writing on the wall and we know our journey in our respective jobs, relationships, etc. have run its course. If you’re a millennial then things tend to run their course a lot quicker than our parents’ generation. Don’t worry, it’s not our fault. We just see the world very differently.

Ironically, some will argue that millennials are spoiled, entitled latte sippers. However, I beg to differ. As millennials, we pride ourselves on being innovative, logical, and social game changers. We keep things lively and fresh. We also aren’t afraid to take chances. Some of us do enjoy the occasional latte from time to time too. 🙂

As many of my closest friends and family members know, I recently accepted a new job in a new school district. As nerve wracking as a transition can be for most, I am looking forward to the endless possibilities this new journey will bring into my life and the lives of those around me.

But, this post isn’t about millennials vs. non-millennials or my new job, it’s about knowing your worth. Often times, we wait for people to show appreciation for us at work, home, church, or in relationships, but it’s often lacking. In fact, sometimes the harder we try the more our efforts are taken for granted, but my charge to whoever is reading this post is to know your worth. Don’t allow yourself to settle for being mistreated, passed over, or patronized. What does this post have to do with education advice (Edvice)? Everything. Education comes in many forms. Starting a new business, going back to school, obtaining a promotion, gaining a new skill, starting a new relationship, creating a blog, are all just a few ways to help you develop your worth and to educate yourself. Never be afraid to take a leap of faith in the right direction and make an investment in yourself.

When you know your worth, sharing your talents become easier. So, do yourself and the world a favor and seek those new challenges that everyone else is afraid to conquer. It’s the challenge that will keep you motivated and will ignite the fire in others. If we’re all on fire, great things can happen.

©️ 2017 Bryan A. Ruffin


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